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Bluefly/Kobo/XCSoar Notes (pdf's)

Bluefly USB Audio Only 01

These notes are intended to help pilots to make up Kobo/XCSoar units and get them working. They were written quite quickly in order to make them available quickly and you may have to search them to find the information you want. If you spot any errors please let me know so I can fix them. By all means contact me if you have problems with your unit and I will help if I can.

Kobo/XCSoar Hardware

Plastics, Tapes And Adhesives - Some materials for making instruments

Hardware Options Chart

XCSoar On A Kobo Using A USB GPS Dongle - A setup without soldering or physically altering the Kobo

Software Installation

Setup And Operation

Basic UK File Setup

XCSoar File Access Problems

XCSoar Altimeters and Gauges

Waypoint Management Notes

Emergency Location Procedures for Rescues

Internal GPS Chip Version

Large Battery Modification

Kobo Touch With Bluefly Vario

Increasing The Volume Of The Bluefly Vario And Switched Volume Control

An extra loud audio only backup vario using the Bluefly USB module

Bluefly Vario Settings - N.B. Look at this one first! - A menu system for controlling BlueFly audio from within XCSoar

GPS And Glonass

Globaltop GMS-G6 Module Tests With Kobo/XCSoar

The V.Kel VK2828U8G5LF GNSS Module - A possible improvement for some Kobo units

Sizes and Weights

Setting a Task and Waypoints On A Kobo Mini running XCSoar Using An Android Smart Phone - Written by David Bell

File Downloads

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