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Although we do our best in windy Britain, there is no doubt in my mind that paragliders are primarily thermalling machines. i.e. We want hot sun and light winds. Having a UV sensitivity problem has not helped me in this respect and has made it impractical, if not impossible, for me to fly in most of the popular areas abroad paraglider pilots enjoy. However, along with my home made UV visor, the accomodation and support Steve Ham and Puri Almansa have set up in Piedrahita enables me to have some excellent flying for a few weeks each year. I can keep in the shade as long as possible before we launch, fly as much as I like (or can!), pick a landing near some shade and wait for the retrieve vehicle to locate me by GPS tracker. Great fun flying with keen pilots.

Recently a group from the Derbyshire Soaring Club has been going to Piedrahita with Steve Ham and I wrote the article "Piedrahita PG Tips" below for pilots flying there for the first time.

Piedrahita PG Tips

Write ups of some of my flights there.

A Good Last Day

Two Days In Piedrahita

10 Days, 34 Hours, 500 Km

flyPiedrahita web site - Flying in Piedrahita with Steve Ham